Entering Into a State of Relaxation

By these four steps

A Women relaxing the moment
Photo by Artem Beliaikin

People all around the world are facing a hard time due to the pandemic. Lot of people lost their job and lives. Most of the people who are working in the big MNC’s are held at their houses and has to do their work from home. Because of that many people are facing issues like Anxiety, Stress even Autism.

This article is not only foe those people anyone can follow these four steps to find some calmness in their heart. I’m sure about the fact that steps will help you to relax and make you realize the importance of health other than money, fame, fairness….

Photo by Oluremi Adebayo

Deep breathing helps you feel in the present and just slow everything down. Your heart rate calms down and you increase the oxygen supply to your brain. When you do this exercise your deep breathing takes your mind off everything else going on around you.

Hold the air in your chest for a count of 3 second. This exercise for calm breathing is great and can be used for many different things such as to get rid of built up tension and you want to let it go. It can be used to just have a moment to yourself to clear your mind or relax your body muscles.

Photo by Kelvin Valerio
  1. Breath regular for 10 breaths, while you exhale on each regular breath count down starting at 10
  2. While taking your breath think about and notice any tension in your body and imagine it melting away

When you start adding your imagination into these exercises that’s when it really stimulates the mind and body

  1. Take your tip your tongue and touch and touch it to the roof of your mouth and inhale your nose for a count of 4 seconds
  2. Keep the breath at a hold for a count of 7 seconds and exhale the breath for a count of 8 seconds

The 4–7–8 breathing technique is great breathing technique to use if you have anxiety because it really clears your mind and only lets you focus on those breathing intervals. You are also able to get rid of a lot of carbon dioxide with the longer exhales.

Photo by Pew Nguyen

Using all these breathing techniques and having that soothing music on in the background is an amazing thing to add to your day. Literally you can do these any time and any day of your week they are good for you. One of these techniques could be the difference in your anger , anxiety, stress level, or just a mindful. I find myself getting so worked up sometimes and I just do a little breathing exercise and I feel amazing.

The End.

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